• Nov 08 2016
  • Gaurav Arora - Focus Mastery Coach
  • Mindset
In my last blog, I explained to you the importance of one line of the book and how books can change your life. I think it is common sense; you cannot change your life while watching a television, playing games and using networking sites. I had seen people who are having a good influence are the good readers and the best people of this planet always recommend the book reading as the best habit which one can adopt.
In this chapter, I am giving you few tips for book reading which can tremendously change your life.
Remember, extra learning always gives you an extra edge over others.
Books had helped people to manage their relationships, finance, health etc. and so it can help you too to manage your life and to reach your absolute best level.

| Tip 1 – Make it a habit |

Human beings are actually creatures of habit. Bad habit gives you bad results in life and a good habit gives you good results in life. Making book reading your habit will help you to get the good results in life. So make it a habit of reading a book for at least half an hour daily. To make this habit strong do it the same time each day and read at the same place. This will make your habit strong but in case you are unable to do that then don’t allow your mind to fool you and to escape from reading. Give a commitment to yourself – minimum half an hour daily.

| Tip 2 – Start from the end of the book |

Never do a mistake of purchasing a random book. Every person is having a different taste. You may love to read a book on brain science but your friend may choose to read a book on the law of attraction. At the end of every book you will find a small explanation of the book and from this explanation, you will get a general idea about the writer’s intention in writing the book and what he is offering through its book. Select the book of your taste.

| Tip 3 – Execution is important |

I met people who had read more than 300 books. At first, I felt very happy but later I found, despite reading the great books of the great mind, they are still living their life with the mediocre habits of criticizing people, sleeping late and giving reasons from the stories of failures which they have heard from the society. There is a difference between reading and studying. Don’t read book study them.
Robin Sharma said it so rightly, “Ideation without execution is delusion”. Great books give you great ideas and transformational tools to change your life but reading a book and not following it is like reading no book. Ideas and tools will not change your life but their execution will change your life.
Read books for yourself and don’t do a mistake to read books to convey your superiority through your knowledge. Be a humble personality, who walk his talk and whose actions speak more than his words.

| Tip 4 – Choose it wisely |

Choose your books carefully. No doubts, a book can transform your life but there are writers who teach foolish things. Try to avoid such books. The best way I know to get the best books is through the experience of wise people.
Francis Bacon noticed, “Some books are meant to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and few to be chewed and digested”.
It is not compulsory to end every book you start. If you consider the book is of no use then just taste it and leave it. If you consider it can make an impact in your life then swallow it and if you consider it can transform you then chew it and digest it. Choose your books wisely and use time efficiently with books to increase your efficiency with these books.

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