• Nov 21 2016
  • Gaurav Arora - Focus Mastery Coach
  • Mindset

I was coming from the book fair sitting beside a mother and her little daughter. The child’s age might be around 10 but she asked a very intelligent question to her mother,” Why you spend your pocket money in buying books instead of spending it in buying new dresses?”. Her mother explained, your grandfather had explained to me in my childhood you cannot afford to get all the knowledge in the world by going to every university of this world or by visiting to every wise man on this planet but you can get all the knowledge through the books. She further explained books are the basis of her life as it connects her with the learning of great personalities who have walked on this planet and helped her in every phase of life.

Books actually connect you with the giants. You can learn about strategic management from Michael porter, leadership from Robin Sharma and John. C. Maxwell and you can learn to manage your relationship from John Gray. What else you want? The excellent people of this planet who are serving the excellent organization can also help you to excel. An average person can teach you how to live an average life but a great person can teach you how to live a great life.

I still remember the incidence of class 8th when I with my friends teased a girl in class because she was reading some book out of the academics and we laughed at her by calling her a psycho because for us it was difficult to even complete the academic books. She came to me later (she thought I will understand her message) and explained me the importance of the books and told me that even one line of the book can change my life. I again made fun of her by pulling her leg, one line can change my life but many lines had changed her from a normal person to a psycho but later in life one line really changed my life!

When I started working as a motivational speaker, I went to one very big teacher who takes a class for almost 700 students. At the end of the class I met him with his few students but in between, he got some urgent call and while he was in a hurry I asked him “Can I come to your next class to have a small talk with your students?”He agreed. It was the starting of my carrier and I was very happy but when I went to him in the next class, he took me to the stage and in front of the whole class told me that students do not need any motivation, please don’t waste our time. Why did he this in front of the whole class? He could have said me ‘NO’ before taking me to the stage but he said no in front of whole class. This incidence pinches my heart and while I was leaving the stage, my positive mindset got changed into extreme negativity. I was thinking of hitting a six but was knocked out at the duck. I was feeling very humiliated but one line came to my mind. I had read in Napoleon Hill’s book,” Behind every adversity there is a great seed of success”

As this line crossed my mind, the wheel of negativity stopped and fresh air of positivity filled my mind. I immediately told myself, I am working as an inspirational speaker, I know how to gain power over the incidences and I know how to influence people but in this incidence, I made a mistake, I was unable to influence the teacher. The incidence might be an adversity but there should be some great seed of success.

I had done some mistake while influencing the teacher and I thought I need to find the seed of success in this incidence. How can this incidence serve me to become successful? I learned while I was asking for the permission to come in the next class from him he was in a hurry and didn’t understand my theory clearly. I was very confident of my theory; I know any teacher will say me yes. From this incidence I developed a three step tool to influence the leaders in the society. In first step I just discuss my philosophy with the leader and make sure that he got my message clearly. After influencing him with my philosophy instead of doing a hurry to take his help, in my second step I make very good relationship with him. In third step, I ask him for the help.

After few months I went to the same auditorium to some other teacher but this time I was not in a hurry. I followed my three steps, got permission to perform in the class and got lot of appreciation from the teacher and a lot of applause from the students. Felt very happy when a student came to me after my talk and shared that he was working on a very wrong track but my discussion helped him to find that.

My work is my life and I put all my energy in order to help people to live a good life. In my childhood I used to live with a suicidal tendency and no one gave me a good counselling and I don’t want anyone to live in ignorance like me.

Ignorance is darkness and books are the lights that abolish the darkness. I am also an ordinary person like you. I also face many problems in life and many failures too but these books and teachings had helped me to get a new life. In every negative incidence I try to find the great seed of success and all my problems and failures do not look bad to me now as they teaches me how to win.

Thanks to the one line – behind every adversity there is a great seed of success

It was 10:30pm. I finished reading my definite chief statement (my goals) and I closed my eyes to sleep but a very powerful thought struck in my mind that there is no such thing called as tomorrow. Strange? When I was a student, I used to tell myself that I will do my work tomorrow and got lot of punishment (especially those embarrassing moments of parent-teacher meetings) from parents as well as from teachers because of this habit of procrastination. I notice that whenever I had used the word tomorrow it was not the work which I was taking to tomorrow, it was actually me, the person who has a habit to waste time to whom I was taking to tomorrow. It was the person who was living a mediocre life to whom I was taking to tomorrow.

Tomorrow actually doesn’t exist. It is a word which you use for communication. The same situation will be there, the same clock with the same lazy snooze button and you will again say 10 min! and in this way you will remain busy in delaying life and you will again forget to take advantage of the most precious gift which god had given you i.e. time. Time will become your servant if you will utilize it or it will become your master if you will waste it. You have only one life and you have a limited time on this planet. Use these days to shine, to build the life which you are interested in living, to spread the love which you want from others, to excel in your field, and to become the master of your fate.

Time once lost can never be regained. Tomorrow will become present and again in present you will use the word tomorrow and the change which you desire in your life will never come because you are not changing yourself. All success depends upon change because growth is impossible without change and if you will not change, nothing will change in your life.

Remember, change happens in present not in future because you live in present not in future. Every single minute of every hour is a chance to create a life you desire, is a chance to adore this one life which you have, is a chance to take your potentials to the next level and for doing this you need to take advantage of this chance.

Take control of this life before this life takes your control because if you will not design this life then this life will design you. You need to bring all changes in yourself in present only. If not now then when, tomorrow? Of course not! So make a habit of doing it now.

Progress will not come in your life if you will not change yourself. I know that change is hard in beginning but it is hard for everyone, no matter how much successful the person is but the best part is that change is gorgeous at the end. When child starts walking he falls down but then he becomes expert in walking.

Your success starts form you. Harry S. Thurman says a very profound point “In reading the lives of a great man, I found that first victory they won was over themselves, self-discipline with all of them come first”. The biggest attribute of the successful people is that they were having an ability to do the things they should do when they feel like not doing it. The stricter you will become on yourself the more control you will take from this life and by taking more control from this life you will take control of your success. I know there are many things which we dislike but our goals should always be above our disliking.

Self-discipline is not something which you will develop just by reading this blog but it is something which will take time as self-discipline is like a muscle. The more you will exercise it, stronger it will get. Therefore work with persistence and give yourself a commitment of developing world class self-discipline because it is how you can develop a world class life for you. A day, a month or a year but you will change and you will form the habit of doing the things which you don’t feel like doing and from that day your goals will become above your likings and you will start a new journey in your life.




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