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First things first, as you read on, this may seem like any other dropout’s story. But Gaurav Arora has always stood out from the crowd and has left a lasting impression in every single session of his Focus Mastery™ Coaching.
Well, that’s what sets apart one of the India's only Focus Mastery™ coach – Gaurav Arora. Having spoken to and transformed the mindset of more than 3000 people over the last three years, Gaurav Arora’s foolproof execution strategy has not only helped his personal coaching clients double their business in eight months flat, but also fulfill their long awaited dream of writing a book, not to mention highly improved productivity resulting in tremendous business growth and other fascinating results.
Drawing inspiration from Robin Sharma, author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Gaurav Arora dropped out from CA just 11 months before his final exams. It was his enthusiasm and dedication that gave him the vision to become a coach at the age of 22 years with almost no money, no education, no support, no degree and no certification. His audience of business people ranges from the age-group of 25 to 58 years, seeking Gaurav’s execution based Focus Mastery™ Coaching.

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Focus Mastery™ Coaching

Learn the art of constant and undisturbed focus despite the unending tasks and distractions and witness your efficiency double-up. Today, technology driven world is craving to attract your attention and kill your focus through constant distraction and interruption. The more focused you become the more you will succeed in life because it has been proven that distraction takes away your efficiency completely. Study shows that average person is distracted for 2.1 hours in a day. Hence Focus Mastery Coaching™ is the need of the hour. The following principles are the foundation of Gaurav Arora’s Focus Mastery™ coaching.

The Tatas, the Ambanis or you and me – we all have 24 hours. Success depends on how we utilise those 24 hours.

1. Habits for Focus

Habits are the roots of success because first you develop habits and then you automatically get results. How does Gaurav Arora help in this? Well, he makes sure you develop habits which will ultimately help you work on bigger goals and achieve your dreams.

2. Habits in Chain

Have you ever noticed that distraction works in a chain? Sometimes the distraction chain starts with a mere 2 minutes call, after which you tend to engage in some other leisure activity like social networking followed by chatting with peers. Ultimately you end up spending certain valuable hours from your life. This is nothing but a Chain Reaction. Similarly, some great habits when working in a chain improve your focus and efficiency.

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Execution Mantras E-book by Gaurav Arora

Having read numerous quotes, many of us are often left confused as to how exactly lead this mystery called ‘life’. But here is the key – stop thinking, start executing. When you spend lesser time in thinking and more time executing those thoughts, small daily wins become a reality and gradually drives you towards your ultimate goal.
Extensive thinking or procrastination builds a comfort zone and restricts us within that zone. But execution boasts of a different energy altogether. Execution is what sets you free, lets you explore the world because it puts you away from your comfort zone. And that’s where this quote fits in best – ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.’
So get up, and get going!

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